Self-reflection, February 16th

  • In review: I gave it my all. I failed many times in tetris for multiple reasons, like syntax errors, etc. I fixed them however, and my tetris is done, so I think it was a success overall.
  • Imagery:
  •   i = 0

            for i in range(3):

                text = self.choices[i]

                if i == self.choice:

                    colour = WHITE


                    colour = GREY

                sprite = Shadowed_Font_Sprite(self.font, text, colour, bold=False, a_alias=False)

       = self.hooks[i]

                surface.blit(sprite.img, sprite.rect)

  • Goal reflection: I did. I completed tetris
  • Goal: Start pong, a game I really wanted to make after I came back from Germany.
  • Self-guided learning: Codex and other online sources to solve problems