October 19- Semi-weekly reflection

  • Self assessment:I gave it my all. I consistently tried to succeed. I decreased the time I spend talking about unnecessary things with my friends and try to finish my goals everyday.
  • In review: I wanted to create a bigger python game or an app, and I felt like I didn’t really studied python enough so I spent this two weeks and I will spend 1-2 more weeks on codecademy.com studying python to get ready for the next project.
  • Imagery: I am learning python.
  • Goal reflection: I did not achieve my previous goal, which was to create another game, but in order to do so, I am preparing myself.
  • Goal: I will try to finish studying python in codecademy by the next semi-week assessment.


Semi-weekly reflection, Sep 30

I gave it my all.

  • Self assessment
    • I chatted with my friends but finished what I needed to everyday and the evidence to that would be the finished game of tetris.
  • In review
    • I had a lot of trouble where to add my new codes. I kept placing them in the wrong positions but after a few failures, I succeeded.
  • Imagery
    • I finished my tetris game but I’m not sure what happened to it, I can’t find it anymore.
  • Goal reflection
    • I achieved my previous goal. I finished my tetris game and to make sure that everything worked the way I wanted it to, I played it myself for a couple of minutes.
  • Goal
    • I want to finish at least a quarter of my next game; dodger
  • Self-guided learning
    • I used codecademy for some help while doing projects