Self-Reflection May 11th

  • Self assessment: I gave it all during the past 2 weeks since I consistently tried to succeed in what I was working. I put my full efforts to study more about coding, and I also spoke mostly English during class with my Korean friends. Additionally, I constantly studied for the Final Exam by solving questions and quests from CodingBat, to strengthen my skills, and researched more about games for the Final Exam.
  • In review: During the past 2 weeks, I worked mostly on studying coding by finishing the questions from codingbat and the quests from codecademy, to strengthen my skills in coding. I constantly worked on my coding skills through CodingBat to study for the Final Exam and because I am having extreme fun doing it. I wanted to start a new project, but since I am lacking in speed to solve any questions from Codingbat and for the Final Exam, I didn’t start a new project but chose to work on my CodingBat. Even though I didn’t start any project, I did some research for the games I could make for the Final exam, and how to make and program such games posted on Gnimmargorp as a sample.
  • Imagery:
    • def make_chocolate(small, big, goal):
      maxBig = goal / 5
      if big >= maxBig:
      if small >= (goal – maxBig * 5):
      return goal – maxBig * 5
      if big < maxBig:
      if small >= (goal – big * 5):
      return goal – big * 5
      return -1

      • def love6(a, b):
        return a == 6 or b == 6 or (a + b) == 6 or abs(a – b) == 6
  • Goal reflection: I think I achieved my goal as I kept practiced coding from the sites from above, and improved in coding during the past 2 weeks. Also, as I tried and mostly spoke in English with my friends, I think I achieved my goals. Also, I believe studying for the Final exam was also considering to be reaching my goal, even though I didn’t start a new project.
  • Goal: My new goal is just to keep practice and solve the quests and questions from the sites and improve my coding skills. Furthermore, I hope and would like to program all the sample games posted on the website to be more confident for the Final exam. I would achieve this goal by asking my friends who are good in coding, and by researching and why this specific code works while my code does not. Moreover, I would like to stay in class using only English, not Korean like what I did in previous weeks.

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