Self Reflection April 6th 2017 – Jewoo Lee

  • Self assessment: I gave it all during the past 2 weeks since I consistently tried to succeed in what I was working. I put my full efforts to study more about coding, and I also tried to speak English during the class period with my Korean friends. Additionally, I started a new project, which is to make a game called Rock Paper Scissors, and I am done making the code for that game, where I am willing to start a new fun and exciting project.
  • In review: During the past 2 weeks, I worked on studying more coding by finishing the questions from codingbat and the quests from codecademy, to strengthen my skills in coding. The game I was making few weeks ago, I have finished making that game, where I am just continuously working on my coding skills through codingbat and codecademy. I have not found a fun and exciting game currently, so I am having a slight break where I am just strengthening my skills for coding. However, when I find an interesting game to program, I am willing to work right away.
  • Imagery:
    • def love6(a, b):
      return a == 6 or b == 6 or (a + b) == 6 or abs(a – b) == 6

      • from random import randint
        #create a list of play options
        t = [“Rock”, “Paper”, “Scissors”]
        #assign a random play to the computer
        computer = t[randint(0,2)]
        #set player to False
        player = False
        while player == False:
        #set player to True
            player = input(“Rock, Paper, Scissors?”)
            if player == computer:
            elif player == “Rock”:
                if computer == “Paper”:
                    print(“You lose!”, computer, “covers”, player)
                    print(“You win!”, player, “smashes”, computer)
            elif player == “Paper”:
                if computer == “Scissors”:
                    print(“You lose!”, computer, “cut”, player)
                    print(“You win!”, player, “covers”, computer)
            elif player == “Scissors”:
                if computer == “Rock”:
                    print(“You lose…”, computer, “smashes”, player)
                    print(“You win!”, player, “cut”, computer)
                print(“That’s not a valid play. Check your spelling!”)
            #player was set to True, but we want it to be False so the loop continues
            player = False
            computer = t[randint(0,2)]
  • Goal reflection: I think I achieved my goal as I kept practiced coding from the sites from above, and improved in coding during the past 2 weeks. Also, as I tried and mostly spoke in English with my friends, I think I achieved my goals. Moreover, I completed the rock paper scissors project few days ago, and I learned a lot from finishing the project. I did not stop programming after the project, I kept working on Codingbat and Codecademy to strengthen my skills every class.
  • Goal: My new goal is just to keep practice and solve the quests and questions from the sites and improve my coding skills. Furthermore, I hope and would like to start a new project that I am interested in, such as the project I made. Moreover, I would like to stay in class using only English, not Korean.
  • Plans: When I watch a TV shows in Korean about computers and securities, hackers always took my interest and I always wanted to learn some security codes and programs. However, as I heard that it is very hard to use a program for securities and getting through a security, I signed up for Computer Science class to strengthen and study more about codings. Since I am still considered as beginner in coding, I just want to continue finishing what I am doing as personal and keep making several games to first be able to create few simple games within an hour, then I want to learn about security programs. But, I should spend slightly more time during my free time doing codings and learning by my self after the Final exams and during the spring break in order to learn and be one of those famous hackers.