Self-Reflection March 23rd, 2017 – Jewoo Lee

  • Self assessment: I gave it all during the past 2 weeks since I consistently tried to succeed in what I was working during the past few weeks. I put my full efforts to study more about coding, and I also tried to speak English only during the class with my Korean friends. Additionally, I started a new project, which is to make a game called Rock Paper Scissors. I am keep failing and still in the process of writing the codes, but I kept tried to success and tried to finish the coding.
  • In review: During the past 2 weeks, I worked on studying more coding by finishing the questions from codingbat and the quests from codecademy, to strengthen my skills in coding. I wanted to start a project with JeongKyu and Sangwon as a group project, however, it seemed like it was a bad idea because we all had different interests and I was not that skilled and advanced compared to the others. So I started my own project, which was to make a simple game, like what I had said 2 weeks ago.
  • Imagery:
    • def sum2(nums):
      if len(nums) == 0:
      return 0
      if len(nums) == 1:
      return nums[0]
      return nums[0] + nums[1]
    • def xyz_there(str):
      for i in range(len(str)):
      if str[i] != ‘.’ and str[i+1:i+4] == ‘xyz’:
      return True
      if str[0:3] == ‘xyz’:
      return True
      return False
    • Project
      • from random import randint
        #create a list of play options
        t = [“Rock”, “Paper”, “Scissors”]
        #assign a random play to the computer
        computer = t[randint(0,2)]
        #set player to False
        player = False
        while player == False:
        #set player to True
            player = input(“Rock, Paper, Scissors?”)
            if player == computer:
            elif player == “Rock”:
                if computer == “Paper”:
                    print(“You lose!”, computer, “covers”, player)
                    print(“You win!”, player, “smashes”, computer)
  • Goal reflection: I think I achieved my goal as I kept practiced coding from the sites from above, and improved in coding during the past 2 weeks. Also, as I tried and mostly spoke in English with my friends, I think I achieved my goals. Moreover, I also started a project few days ago, and I am consistently trying to succeed and make the code work during the class and outside of the class as well. The game I am making is rock paper scissors, and it seems like it is very easy to make and easy code, however, I realized it is much more complicated than I thought, as I still didn’t finish coding for the game.
  • Goal: My new goal is just to keep practice and solve the quests and questions from the sites and improve my coding skills. Furthermore, I hope and would like to finish coding the game that I am making right now during the next two weeks.
  • Plans: When I watch a TV shows in Korean about computers and securities, hackers always took my interest and I always wanted to learn some security codes and programs. However, as I heard that it is very hard to use a program for securities and getting through a security, I signed up for Computer Science class to strengthen and study more about codings. Since I am still considered as beginner in coding, I just want to continue finishing what I am doing as personal and keep making several games to first be able to create few simple games within an hour, then I want to learn about security programs.

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