Self-Reflection March 2nd, 2017 – Jewoo Lee

  • Self assessment: I gave it all during the past 2 weeks since I consistently tried to succeed in what I was working during the past few weeks. I put my full efforts to study more about coding.
  • In review: During the past 2 weeks, I worked on studying more coding by finishing the questions from codingbat and the quests from codecademy, to strengthen my skills in coding. I also was greatly impressed by Jeong Kyu’s Tetris work, and I wanted to make a simple but complex game at the same time and started a few work on that as well. I have not completely understood the coding for Tetris nor other types of games, so during last week, I mostly focused in researching and playing the game and looking at the codes that Jeong Kyu made for his project.
  • Imagery:
    • Jeong Kyu’s game on his desktop in his laptop
  • Goal reflection: I think I achieved my goal as I kept practiced coding from the sites from above, and improved in coding during the past 2 weeks. Also, as I tried and mostly spoke in English with my friends, I think I achieved my goals. Moreover, I also found an interesting project, making a Tetris game or tic tac toe by an app like one of my classmates.
  • Goal: My new goal is just to keep practice and finish the quests and questions from the sites and improve my coding skills. Furthermore, I would like to keep working on the game like my classmate has completed without giving up easily.

One thought on “Self-Reflection March 2nd, 2017 – Jewoo Lee”

  1. You have definitely improved in speaking English; keep working on it!

    For the “imagery” the goal is to show some proof of your work, not just link to the generic site. Please include a screen-shot, or a cut-and-paste from some of your code, or other direct evidence of your work.

    I’d like you to re-write that goal to focus on just one aspect. Which one, measurable thing would you like to have accomplished by the next self-reflection?

    Finally, I like that you want to build a game, too. If you’d like to start with a simpler one, you might write a rock-paper-scissors game in text mode to try out your skills. Then if you want a bit of useful teaching along those lines, check out this book:

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