Self-Reflection, January 24th

  • Self assessment: I gave my best during the first 2 weeks of the second semester. I was mostly focused in studying for loops, which is the main subject of this semester for this class.
  • In review: I focused in studying loops for python. I used the site and to practice different kinds problems, from the basic till the loops section. I am still not sure and not confident with my skills of solving the loops, however, if I invest some times to solve them, it is possible for me to solve.
  • Imagery: and
  • Goal reflection: My goal for this week is to perfectly to understand the concept of loops and able to solve all different kinds of loops questions, however, I didn’t completely reached my goals because it takes time to understand and to come up with a specific code of the question.
  • Goal: My new goal is to perfectly understand the concept of loops, and being able to solve any type of loops questions much faster than where I am right now.
  • Self-guided learning: I didn’t use any online sources, but I asked Mr.Miller for some questions and I also asked my friends sitting next to me. (I will make sure to use only english with them in the campus, which can be my second goal for the next 2 weeks!)