December 1st Self reflection – Jewoo Lee

During the past two weeks, I believe that I tried my best during class and even outside the class.┬áThere were few times where I was not focused and chatted with my class mates, however, I soon came back and focused on coding back again. Throughout the past two weeks, I just went back to the beginning of python and continue finishing the codecademy, as I was confused in completing one of the questions from codingbat. I wanted to know more codes and I also forgot and didn’t know how some codes or commands work. So I went back to codecademy, which tells me or teaches me the concept of commands. Since I was working in codecademy and codingbat, I really didn’t start a new project in python nor java, so I don’t have any image or visual link to my work. But the link is (Codecademy), and coding bat, and hopefully it shows the work or step that I was doing. I reached my goal during the past two weeks, as I was focused during class and that I tried to learn and improve coding by myself through codecademy and codingbat. My goal for the next two weeks is to understand the major and universal codes in python and able to make a simple programs and answer questions from codingbat without any help from my friends nor the internet. I used and codingbat to learn new commands during the past two weeks.