Semi Weekly Reflection October 20th

  • Self assessment: During the last 2 weeks, I consistently tried to succeed and I gave it all, even though I failed several times. I believe I gave it all, however, as I didn’t know the post didn’t upload or publish, I am late for the reflection. But, I tried my best during the last 2 weeks. During previous classes, I chatted with my classmates, however, I also asked some questions in order to make my minor project success.
  • In review: During those weeks, I tried to make connect four game by python, which sounds easy because connect four is a simply game where we can play anywhere and everywhere. However, coding the game was much harder than it seemed to be. I failed several times, and it was because of my wrong commands. If, then, and elif was the part and reason that I was keep failing. I didn’t fully understand the command elif, which made me to fail.


#! /usr/bin/env python3
from itertools import groupby, chain

NONE = ‘.’
RED = ‘R’

def diagonalsPos (matrix, cols, rows):
“””Get positive diagonals, going from bottom-left to top-right.”””
for di in ([(j, i – j) for j in range(cols)] for i in range(cols + rows -1)):
yield [matrix[i][j] for i, j in di if i >= 0 and j >= 0 and i < cols and j < rows]

def diagonalsNeg (matrix, cols, rows):
“””Get negative diagonals, going from top-left to bottom-right.”””
for di in ([(j, i – cols + j + 1) for j in range(cols)] for i in range(cols + rows – 1)):
yield [matrix[i][j] for i, j in di if i >= 0 and j >= 0 and i < cols and j < rows]

class Game:
def __init__ (self, cols = 7, rows = 6, requiredToWin = 4):
“””Create a new game.”””
self.cols = cols
self.rows = rows = requiredToWin
self.board = [[NONE] * rows for _ in range(cols)]

def insert (self, column, color):
“””Insert the color in the given column.”””
c = self.board[column]
if c[0] != NONE:
raise Exception(‘Column is full’)

i = -1
while c[i] != NONE:
i -= 1
c[i] = color


def checkForWin (self):
“””Check the current board for a winner.”””
w = self.getWinner()
if w:
raise Exception(w + ‘ won!’)

def getWinner (self):
“””Get the winner on the current board.”””
lines = (
self.board, # columns
zip(*self.board), # rows
diagonalsPos(self.board, self.cols, self.rows), # positive diagonals
diagonalsNeg(self.board, self.cols, self.rows) # negative diagonals

for line in chain(*lines):
for color, group in groupby(line):
if color != NONE and len(list(group)) >=
return color

def printBoard (self):
“””Print the board.”””
print(‘ ‘.join(map(str, range(self.cols))))
for y in range(self.rows):
print(‘ ‘.join(str(self.board[x][y]) for x in range(self.cols)))
if __name__ == ‘__main__’:
g = Game()
turn = RED
while True:
row = input(‘{}\’s turn: ‘.format(‘Red’ if turn == RED else ‘Yellow’))
g.insert(int(row), turn)
turn = YELLOW if turn == RED else RED

  • Goal reflection: I believe that I reached my goal during the last two weeks, because I was attentive during classes and finishing my daily goals where I learn about python by myself and enhancing and updating my new simple connect four game.
  • Goal: My next goal would be earn more golds in gnimmargorp as I realized that I am kind of falling behind, because I am more focused with python instead of gnimmargorp and scratch. Also, make a game by python that requires harder commands and code, because I always want to improve my coding skills.