During this simple rock, paper, scissors game by python, I learned lots of different commands. To begin with, I learned the concept and how to use the command; if, then, and elif. Furthermore, I also learned how to make a game that is playable with the computer and any player using different possibilities and writing it down in the code. I learned this alone asking Jeong Kyu, which is one of my friends who sits next to me. As Jeong Kyu knows more informations and commands than me in Python, I consistently ask him for help. I wanted to make this game because I love games and I wanted to figure out how games are made. Even though I want to learn making hard games, it is impossible to start with hard games, so I decided to start with simple games that involves less possibilities. I don’t know how I will use this project or this game in my life, however, I could explain to people how games are made or I could make this game for young children to play with.



Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 7.08.59 PM       Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 7.09.10 PM

Semi-weekly reflection, Sep 30

  • Self assessment: During the last 2 weeks, I consistently tried to succeed and I gave it all, even though I failed several times. During previous classes, I chatted with my classmates, however, I also asked some questions in order to make my minor project success. Also, not just working on Python and making simple games, I also worked on Scratch making stories if I was stuck or bored from making my minor project.
  • In review: During those weeks, I tried to make rock, paper, scissors game by python, which sounds easy because rock, paper, scissors is a simply game where we can play anywhere and everywhere. However, coding the game was much harder than it seemed to be. I failed several times, and it was because of my wrong commands. If, then, and elif was the part and reason that I was keep failing. I didn’t fully understand the command elif, which made me to fail.
  • Imagery: import randomplay = True
    while play :

    player = input(“Enter your choice (rock/paper/scissors): “)
    player = player.lower()
    while (player != “rock” and player != “paper” and player != “scissors”):
    player = input(“Enter your choice (rock/paper/scissors): “)
    player = player.lower()

    computer = random.randint(1,3)
    if (computer == 1):
    computer = “rock”
    elif (computer == 2):
    computer = “paper”
    elif (computer == 3):
    computer = “scissors”
    print (“Error. Enter your choice from rock, paper, scissors.”)

    if (player == computer):
    print (“Draw!”)
    elif (player == “rock”):
    if (computer == “paper”):
    print (“You lost.”);
    if (computer == “scissors”):
    print (“You won.”);
    elif (player == “paper”):Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 9.24.32 AM
    if (computer == “rock”):
    print (“You won.”);
    if (computer == “scissors”):
    print (“You lost.”);
    elif (player == “scissors”):

    if (computer == “rock”):
    print (“You lost.”);

    if (computer == “paper”):
    print (“You won.”);

    userInput = input(“Finish? Yes or No: “)
    userInput = userInput.lower()
    if (userInput == “yes”):
    play = False
    print (“See you again.”)
    play = True

  • Goal reflection: I believe that I reached my goal during the last two weeks, because I was attentive during classes and finishing my daily goals where I learn about python by myself and enhancing and updating my new simple rock, paper, scissors game.
  • Goal: My next goal would be earn more golds in gnimmargorp as I realized that I am kind of falling behind, because I am more focused with python instead of gnimmargorp and scratch. Also, make a game by python that requires harder commands and code, because I always want to improve my coding skills.
  • Self-guided learning: My source to this project was one of my classmates, which is Jeong Kyu Lee. He helped me throughout the project, and lead me to success.

The Play’s the thing

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 1.19.49 PM


There is not a specific trouble or problem making this flowchart, since it is very simple and straight forward. Also, I believe this flowchart is very useful and helpful making any kind of stories in Scratch because it gives an overall view or the image how the story plot develops.  I can plan out in this flowchart method to make the story in Scratch, and start making project in the scratch, where it will be much easier without any writer’s block. However, it is sometimes not useful because the structure of the story is not always the same, where they have questions and yes or no answer.

GOYO – Medium

During this small project, I really think I learned many new skills and commands. I had many troubles throughout building the project, however, those troubles helped me to keep research and find the problems. Failure is the major step to success. I made a basic program of Python, which is Multiplication Table, which shows multiplications. Instead of having specific steps, I had to built commands and program which leads to make multiplication table, which was much harder than Codecademy, but much enjoyable. I really had fun and enjoyed making this project because this was mostly based on basic commands and it was math! Next time, I would like to make a simple game by Python, such as, up and down game.


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  2. https://wikidocs.net/67
  3. https://wikidocs.net/1028


Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 9.11.17 AMScreen Shot 2016-09-19 at 9.11.25 AM

Semi-weekly self assessment, Sep 8 – Jewoo Lee

Self Assessment: I believe that I gave it all during this week. I am falling behind with gnimmargorp, such as the points and golds, however, I am mostly working on figuring out how Python, one of the basic computer language, works. I am trying to make a program and games by using Python. I found interest working on Python, that I try my best all the time during the class and also in my free time trying to make a program as my project, starting from basics.

In Review: During the class this week I tried to catch some of the work or missions posted on Gnimmargorp.com, such as creating several stories on Scratch.com. I didn’t fail or have any trouble making stories in Scratch because I knew what to make and how the story will flow. Also, making the character move in scratch is not as hard as Python. I was totally succeeded in making characters and movements with different commands to make the story to flow. After making some stories in Scratch, following the gnimmargorp, I tried to make a program in Python afterwards. However, I was keep failing writing my codes and I am still in the process of finding why I am failing. I learned how Python works in general this week, and also memorised some important and basic codes to make any project work. But as one of my Korean friends helped me the wrong part of the program or code, I finally succeeded making a multiplication table. Yet, I am more happy that I know my mistakes and that I learned more about coding this week, not because I made the project and earned gold.

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 1.19.51 AMImagery

print(“multiplication table”)
for x in range(1, 10):
print(“——- [” + str(x) + “steps] ——-“)
for y in range(1, 10):
print(x, “X”, y, “=”, x*y)

Goal Reflection: I am reached my goal for this week, where I was suppose to be much more comfortable than last week with Scratch and Python. As I practiced and keep completing missions in Codecademy and completing some steps in Gnimmargorp, now I know much more commands in Python that I could use to make programs. In Scratch, I know more commands to make a character to do whatever I want it to do, which proves or shows that I became much better coder after a week.

Goal: My new goal for the next two weeks is to actually master the basic codes that after two weeks, I don’t need others help, including internet to make at least an easy project, such as now the multiplication table. Also, my other goal for next  two weeks is to keep practicing Scratch, instead of just not doing it because I am doing Python.

Imagery: A minimum of one link to work you’re doing—even if it’s a work in progress—within your post.  Or if you’re working on typewritten code (Python, java, etc) then copy-and-paste some of your code.

Funny Story

Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 3.09.04 PM


This flowchart will be very useful to create a spell in the Scratch, because this flowchart is like a script in drama, and outline for essays in English and History. I can plan out in this flowchart method to make the story in Scratch, and start making project in the scratch, where it will be much easier.


Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.54.54 PM

By making or creating this, it helps me to create a better story with better dialogues because I can see the whole story line in one eye. It is much easier to catch mistakes and errors. It helps me to create a better story in Scratch, because I know the story board in my head where I can start working on my project without any troubles.

Jewoo Lee First Self Assessment (2016.08.25)


Screen Shot 2016-09-04 at 2.15.33 PM

I tried all my best and I tried very hard, except that I am really not comfortable with Scratch yet. Also, I really find not much of an interest in this program, however, while I was learning my self with Python through Codecademy.com, Python was much fun and better than Scratch in my opinion. I have learned this week that what scratch is, and how to program and use it to move the character or object as I want. In this program, I was making a brief story between a teacher and a student. My goal is to be better programmer in Scratch and in Python, who makes games and stories much better than my first project. I am looking forward in this class, and I hope I learn some important codings and computer languages before the this semester ends. My goal for next week is to be comfortable with scratch where I can make games and stories right away without any troubles.