Catching fire project

First, I would use the show/hide functions for making characters and objects appear and disappear depending on user input. I could use it to make enemy characters disappear when defeated and reappear when the user restarts the game. Second, I would use the switch costume to… function to create more realistically moving characters and objects. I could make a running stick man by creating multiple costumes and changing them depending on user input to make it run more realistically. Last, I would use the change size by… function to make characters and objects of changing size. I could probably make a optical illusion of a object coming close by changing the size when the user moves.

Take a walk project

In this project I created a realistically walking sprite. While the move functions alone only creates a still straight line movement, I learned that by combining move functions with the change costume functions, a more realistically moving sprite can be created. The most important thing in creating a realistic movement was to use the wait function just at the right point for the right duration. I learned that programs are very sensitive to time and that they are controlled by a really short time interval.

Color effects

In this project I learned how to control color effects. Color effects can be changed by the change color effect by… function. One can decide how much of a difference in color to make just by using a bigger number as the parameter. The set color effect to… function helps in reverting all the effects previously created. By combining these functions with controlling functions such as repeat, one can create a object with continuously changing color.

Mastering Stretching C

In this project I created a program that shows a tour of my imaginary place, which is similar to my house. I used a lot of if statements which took colors of objects as its parameters in order to control the program. If specific objects are touched and clicked, descriptions of those objects will show up accordingly.  I also used listing and broadcasting to control several sprites differently depending on the user input. I noticed that listing is very useful when creating dialogues or descriptions, and the broadcasting function enabled me to link several sprites together and control their behavior effectively.

Stretching C