YouTube Music Player – Prograss 12/06~08

Yeah! First progress post!

At now, It work on 150 kbps LEN with no buffering!

I don’t have plan upload this project in my git-hub at now.

I think nobody see my codes on github. 🙁


Main Window===

  1. Add Start
  2. Add Play
  3. Add Pause
  4. Add Next
  5. Add Previous
  6. Add Progressbar of Download
  7. Add Network speed
  8. Change Title when status changed
  9. Warning when close main window
  10. Auto download and play with suggest video
  11. Youtube parser
  12. Youtube download
  13. Decode URL from UTF-8 %tag to Normal text
  14. Fix file system bug (file channel working)
  15. Show music title on toolStrip Controll.
  16. Files drop down menu


Set Start Video===

Start button will explore youtube from start video url.

This window help to change your start video.

  1. Add Webview which start in Youtube
  2. Check useable URL
  3. Press Select Button when you view your video to change start video
  4. Show Now AbsoluteURL
  5. Can Explorer with URL bar.
  6. Add GO button.
  7. Can login to youtube on this window.

Now Work On====

  1. Unicode problems.
  2. Bug Fix

Will Change===

  1. Change logo
  2. Wierd download buffer.. Sometimes no buffer, sometimes too much buffer.
  3. Unicode Support(?)( is not support Unicode.) When open Japaness or something, will crash.
  4. Change title of select window
  5. Change width of URL bar when change size of window.
  6. Too much lagg on IE plugins.