Adios, Egypt. Adios, CAC.

Good bye everyone in CAC, and Egypt.

Yeah, today was my last day of CAC, and tonight must be my last night in Egypt.

I was pretty sad, because Mr.miller was not school yesterday and even today.

And also, I couldn’t finish my passive amp.

I am going back to Korea, to work hard on my computer project.

Thanks for Mr. Miller about whole classes of D.T and C.S.

I will keep posting about my works.

This project (Symphony) will keep going until next year May.

And also I should practice my English also even I am in Korea, because almost presentations will be in English…

So if I had grammar miss, please comment.



[Works;Symphony, Classwork, and Final] “Yeap, It’s Quite Hard.”

“Yeap, It’s Quite Hard.”

It is the one line summary of my works these days.

I finished Lyric saving, loading, transition, playing, and skinning system.

And I starting Setting Window. And also I debugged my hot-corner app.

In class, there is the two boss challenges.

But I miss one of them in little bit accidents, so I did it in last class.

I hope my grade will be regraded, and I’m ready for the final exam on school.

English is quite hard, and in History, literally, I don’t know, even understand everything.

So, I have really much stuffs to do.

In these days I’m really tired, so I almost paused my personal projects, and wait for school vacation.

I even can’t take rest most of vacation, because of my competition and math studying. But I believe everything can be okay.

About Semester Exam

How to make CUBE ON PYTHON!


How we can make cube in just 90 min!!!

Impossible to me! But it seem really joyful. I want know how to!

I hope Mr. Miller show answer someday after…

I think I can’t make Cube on Console… on Scratch? it seem possible, but still can’t solve.

Actually there are equations for make CUBE. Isn’t it crazy?

Cube on Math… Wow

In my test, I made BatNum game..! It was very fun and easy!

Actually I had some problems to make game, but I solved it.

So I think I was feel easy on test, but I can’t know exactly what is HARD  and EASY.

Guess My Number – Complete

Actually I didn’t post starting post of this project..

But it was done. Yes it was finish

I made Guess number game to prepare test.

This game has loop and input and system cmd ‘say’.

And little time examples…, and string example..

What ever, It works well and funny game!

And All codes are in my Github!! -> Don’t Ask me how code those programs… before it, read my codes!

Linux – Installed Linuxes

Yes.. I installed Linuxes..

For example, Ubuntu, Elementry OS, Linux Mint, and more.

I was so funny work. But after install linux, my WLAN is not work.. Oh my Qualcomm!

Qualcomm’s driver support is so weak… Actually, Qualcomm’s driver is not work well on windows, even.

So. I found driver ath10k, but I can’t build it. I don’t know why!

If you have Qualcomm QAxxxx WLAN Card on your computer, and you use Ubuntu 15.10, then you can solve this problem just install firmware of QAxxxx Card. You can find it in google.

In short, I can use internet on Ubuntu but, I am not use Ubuntu now.

You know why? Because of My Laptop sound system…

My Laptops have HDMI sound card and Realtek Sound Card. BUT!

HDMI sound card is default… oh…. I can’t changed it so I just changed OS to Linux Mint….

Linux mint not work network, but work sound…

Ubuntu work network, but not work sound…

So sad now and tired to find deb files.


I have to install every programs on passivity!

Thanks to read my long long blog Thanks.


P.S -> Summary: I am installing Linux!

Snakes – Options and Menu

I made option page on my snakes game today.

We can change window size and game speed.

We can reset our highscore too.

I will add screen transition effect in game.

And My next project will be Tetris xD

And next… umm might be I don’t know idea at now.

What can I do with python…??????

um… I want to make music player on console.

But I need permision to run ffmpeg… I don’t know how to without permission.

If you know plz comment

youtube music player might be funny ^%^