I Should Apply CapsNet For My Network.

Prof. Hinton who made CNN, release brand new neural network for compute image that called Capsule network.

It manage image’s data as Capsule that contain some high-level image feature like stroke.

This is seems nice solution for my network, because gaze track task is very spacial depend.

Actually I planned to implement this next year, but I saw other guys starting to use CapsNet already in Facebook.

I need to update alwayyys.


Long time no see, my blog.

I’m still alive here. I think I will post about competition later too. It is over in September, but I need to work on next one, so I don’t have time to keep updating blog ;-;

And I live in GitHub usually in these days. I spent my whole thanks giving holidays on GitHub. 🙂

You are welcome to visit my GitHub repos.


First semester exam is ended!

For these about a month, I couldn’t wrote some post on codex because of semester exam.

In Korea, students have to take semester exam 2 times per semester.

It’s heard weird but I tried to say we took 2 big exam per semester.

So my first semester exam on Korea was just fine (I think I will take about average grade.).

From now, I have to rush to complete my project which will be submitted on this year compitition(Korean Olympiad of Information) untill 15th May!

I think this schedule is pretty hard but I will do my best. XD


P.S. I made new logo of our studio! 🙂