Adios, Egypt. Adios, CAC.

Good bye everyone in CAC, and Egypt.

Yeah, today was my last day of CAC, and tonight must be my last night in Egypt.

I was pretty sad, because Mr.miller was not school yesterday and even today.

And also, I couldn’t finish my passive amp.

I am going back to Korea, to work hard on my computer project.

Thanks for Mr. Miller about whole classes of D.T and C.S.

I will keep posting about my works.

This project (Symphony) will keep going until next year May.

And also I should practice my English also even I am in Korea, because almost presentations will be in English…

So if I had grammar miss, please comment.



[Symphony] Finished Globalization

Actually globalization will be continued till this project is finished, because we should make changes in language pack when every changes in source are occurred.

And I fix some UI bug, today.

Next process is making new lyric system, but I am not sure about new lyric system to make. I am confused which functions must be included and must not included to make simple system for advanced animating.

Have a happy WWW trip everyone.


Is it okay that I keep posting about Symphony on codex?

Many of people who attend in competition are not post or announce about themselves project on internet.

I can’t understand it, but I feel weird.

I think post own work in internet is good thing and it is easiest way to make portfolio.

But why? Nobody post their projects on internet? I can’t understand.

P.S. Mr.Admin, can you add in function that hide posts that on a category from main page of codex? I don’t want to show up unnecessary posts on main page.

Plan of next compititions

I just get gold prise which second place of Korean computer compitition.

And I should attend to Korean science and tech compitition for International science and tech compitition.

I think I can pass Korean sci & tech compitition over the 80 persentage.

So I will go to Korea in October 2016 once and I will go to Korea in Feb 2017 to attend Korean sci & tech compitition.

And if I pass it, I will go Korea 2 times to get ready for International compitition.

And finally I will go to USA in 2017 May to compite with all top ranker of science over the world!!!

So I will ride a plane 28 times in maximum for next 8 monthes with just personal money. WoW

[Works;Symphony, Classwork, and Final] “Yeap, It’s Quite Hard.”

“Yeap, It’s Quite Hard.”

It is the one line summary of my works these days.

I finished Lyric saving, loading, transition, playing, and skinning system.

And I starting Setting Window. And also I debugged my hot-corner app.

In class, there is the two boss challenges.

But I miss one of them in little bit accidents, so I did it in last class.

I hope my grade will be regraded, and I’m ready for the final exam on school.

English is quite hard, and in History, literally, I don’t know, even understand everything.

So, I have really much stuffs to do.

In these days I’m really tired, so I almost paused my personal projects, and wait for school vacation.

I even can’t take rest most of vacation, because of my competition and math studying. But I believe everything can be okay.

Too lazy to Live


so sleepy

I didn’t finished symphony theme.

I am so sad because I have half day and I have Computer in H block.

I don’t know why every Half day, and I have H block on that day.

So sad 🙁

:::                            ==

:::                ==

:::          ==

:::          ==

:::          ==

:::                ==

:::                            ==

-vvv- My dream schedule -vvv-

A | Physics

B | Chemical

C | Digital Design

D | Art

E | Computer Science

F | Design Technology

G | Robotics

H | Math

I need more science in life.

So un sciencetific life

I think CAC must be HATE SCIENCE!


oh noooooo why is it hate science!

why!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEYEYRQ@!#!@#!#%!@$#^*


Every Club is about PE…

ohf …

So boring (w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)

no. I am busy. yes. I have science homework.