Hi! It’s been a year.

Hi my blog!

It is really long time no see 🙂

I saw my last post was before went ISEF. So it is almost 1 year.

Really many things were happend… I got 4th award on ISEF, did some internships, had a interview on tv-show.

I will post about them later, if I reminded. (hehe)

These days I really study hard for university application, because this semester is my last semester that actually evaluated by university.

So I could not post here frequntly.

About programming I still always adicted on programming too 🙂

I bought MS surface Go and Laptop! They are very awesome to code!

Oh I should make a post about my coding environment too. It should be helpful.

I am really impressed this codex is still alive, even the last post of others is last year.

I think might Mr.Miller moved homepage for educating to somewhere better, or changed some course whatever, I hope he is still living well 🙂 (I will email after got

I hope everyone in Cairo is doing well!

I still sometimes remind my life in Cairo, and it was really impressive memory for me.

Yeah, it is midnight here Korea now, and let me finish this post! See ya

Heejun Lee

Hi Everyone! I think we need more active people in CODEX! Everybody, enjoy my codex, and comment!

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