KelpNet : The Neural Network Framework In C#

I found a nice neural network library in C#…

But it was really slow to use in real works. So I am working on optimizing it recently :33

Heejun Lee

Hi Everyone! I think we need more active people in CODEX! Everybody, enjoy my codex, and comment!

3 thoughts on “KelpNet : The Neural Network Framework In C#

  1. I’m pretty sure you already are, but just in case, I thought I’d mention that you should definitely share those back with the community. Your work could make a huge difference for someone else!

    1. Yeap, I love to contribute to a community in GitHub. It is really enjoyable to do. Actually, I made some issue to talk with devs on main repo and I forked it for fixing the bugs too. :3

      By the way, the main repo is written in Japanese, so I think making pull request from my repo will be hard work. I’m exciting to do it XDD.

      (I ran translator to source codes to read comments… and it messed up git conflicts btw main repo HAHA)

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