Finally OpenFace Porting Is Finished

Yeap, finally I got result of Openface portation to C# Vision library ;3

The ported library called SharpFace (Sharp for C# hehe)

이미지: 사람 1명 이상, 텍스트

OpenFace is open source face landmark detector made by Tadas.

I ported it into C# for my competition project’s face landmark detector.

I used Flandmark lib previously, and I got huge accuracy advantage after change library to OpenFace.

See those graphs.

This is the graph of translate vector and rotation vector while using Flandamark + Kalman filter.

You can see huge detection errors on values.

And this is current detection results! See clean graph… It is even without Kalman filters.

Hehe, now my next task is re-gen my whole datasets with it and then re-train NN.


Long time no see, my blog.

I’m still alive here. I think I will post about competition later too. It is over in September, but I need to work on next one, so I don’t have time to keep updating blog ;-;

And I live in GitHub usually in these days. I spent my whole thanks giving holidays on GitHub. 🙂

You are welcome to visit my GitHub repos.