Prograss Report, Vision : Cross-Platform Tensorflow, OpenCV Wrapping Library

For “Neural Action”, my Koi project, I needed OpenCV and Tensorflow on cross-platform and C# language support.

So I created OpenCV wrapper for Xamarin, that C# cross-platform framework, and I ported legendary migueldeicaz’s project into Xamarin.

The result of this combination is computer vision library with tensorflow!

In my project, I will use both for eye gaze estimation with CNN and word suggestion with RNN (seq2seq).

I am really afraid this method is working properly because there are not any success examples…


Github Links


Tensorflow for Xamarin:

p.s. There is not any example on TensorFlowSharp repository. You can find some application implements on Vision repository.

p.s. Currently, TFSharp for Xamarin just supports Windows, Andorid, and UWP, because I don’t have any Mac 🙁