I Just Have Submitted My Project Into K.O.I


I just have submitted my project about A.I into Korean Olympiad of Information about 10 min ago.

I hope I will pass on this submission. 🙂

This year competition is changed since last one. It should submit document of project first in this time. And if the document is selected, then we could get some lecture about C.S! Next step is same as last year. Presentation, Awarding, and then ISEF-K. The lecture is the most difference from past.

In past competitions, to attend this competition required advanced knowledge, because organizer didn’t give any helps to students.

But now, It isn’t! So I think much more students, who are interested on Computer Science, then last year are coming to this competition! Attending more competitors will make the competition more harder, so I am little worried about it. 🙁

Heejun Lee

Hi Everyone! I think we need more active people in CODEX! Everybody, enjoy my codex, and comment!

2 thoughts on “I Just Have Submitted My Project Into K.O.I

  1. I am impressed at how your English is improving, Hee Jun. You’re clearly working on it, because you are expressing yourself noticeably more fully now that even just a few months ago. Keep up the work, and good luck for the competition! (I have confidence in you.)

    1. I am truly grateful!
      I was failed to go to international competition last year, but I want it in this year.

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