First semester exam is ended!

For these about a month, I couldn’t wrote some post on codex because of semester exam.

In Korea, students have to take semester exam 2 times per semester.

It’s heard weird but I tried to say we took 2 big exam per semester.

So my first semester exam on Korea was just fine (I think I will take about average grade.).

From now, I have to rush to complete my project which will be submitted on this year compitition(Korean Olympiad of Information) untill 15th May!

I think this schedule is pretty hard but I will do my best. XD


P.S. I made new logo of our studio! 🙂

Heejun Lee

Hi Everyone! I think we need more active people in CODEX! Everybody, enjoy my codex, and comment!

2 thoughts on “First semester exam is ended!

  1. Good luck on the competition. I’m jealous that you’re done with exams! We still have them to take over here and I’m busy grading everything for the end of the semester.

    The logo didn’t load properly, I just see a broken image icon, so I can’t comment on it.

    1. Oh that seems quite hard! Haha 🙂

      The past logo was not seem because I deleted that file from server cuz it was too big size to put on site design.

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