[AI] Keras Installing Guide With Anaconda (really easy)

Keras Homepage

Keras is COOL deep learning library for Theno and TensorFlow, and written on python.

I tried to install it with Anaconda because I use Windows.

Anaconda is powerful tool to make virtual environment (not virtual machine) (and it supports macOS, and linux too)

So it make easier installing something like tensor-flow, whatever through the pip…


At first, you should install Anaconda in your Windows.


After installing Anaconda, open a CMD(or Terminal in Mac, or Linux), and create new Anaconda environment that use Python 3.5

  1. conda create --name keras python=3.5

Okay, you just created an Anaconda environment named “keras”.

To use the environment, we should activate the environment.

  1. activate keras

If you can see “(keras)” in front of each line, you successfully enter environment.

Next step is installing libraries.

  1. conda install theano
  2. conda install mingw libpython
  3. pip install tensorflow
  4. pip install keras

That’s all! Let’s test it out.

  1. python -c "from keras import backend; print(backend._BACKEND)"

stackoverflow article

About this year plans

Basically, baseline of schedule will be similar from last year.

But in this time, I will attend on two type of competition.

One of it is testing computer skills with coding problems, and other one is project competition.

Testing competition starts on April and Project competition starts on May and ends on September.

Oh and Symphony will be released on this year(maybe xD)!

KOI – 2016 Category Is Closed.

Ha ha! This project category (koi 2016) is closed, because I failed to pass it!

🙂 Yeah I CAN’T GO TO AMERICA! I was so sad about it.

I think the most reason that why I failed, It is English. Actually that’s all reason why “we” failed.

I did the my best for this competition. But failed.

BUT! I cannot stop here. I will challenge to next competitions!

[Symphony] Progress report since 12/14/2016 to 03/06/2017

Hi guys, it took so much long time since my last progress report of this project.


  • Completed translation
  • Fix Some BUGS.


  • Add YOU-TUBE STREAMING (My dream comes true). And It is loaded asynchronously!
  • Now we can change album art just with Symphony.
  • Add Playlist Item Drop Panel while Dragging Item
  • Now support BUILT-IN SKIN EDITOR! Can use image, color, gradients to skinning!
  • Improve UX of DSP editor
  • Add normalizer (lua)
  • Can add musics in a folder


  • Finally Symphony use Direct2d instead of WPF DrawingContext (that ultra-fast 2d rendering library based on Direct3d) to show Visualizers
    • Now support FULLY hardware accellation. REAL 60fps!
  • Changes in mini-controller; Add background album-art in controller window
  • Add some re-samplers in spectrum analyzers
  • Can show audio value same as other audio graph
  • Can change VU meter sensitivity


  • Add layout system
  • Add image content
  • Add animation preset
  • Change editor UI.

I thought there would not be much to write on… but it wasn’t