Is it okay that I keep posting about Symphony on codex?

Many of people who attend in competition are not post or announce about themselves project on internet.

I can’t understand it, but I feel weird.

I think post own work in internet is good thing and it is easiest way to make portfolio.

But why? Nobody post their projects on internet? I can’t understand.

P.S. Mr.Admin, can you add in function that hide posts that on a category from main page of codex? I don’t want to show up unnecessary posts on main page.

[Symphony] Globalization

Long time no see Codex, and hi readers.

I made language select and language pack system on Symphony.

And I almost connect text into language pack. So now, I have to translate pack to other languages.

I planned to translate into English, and Japanese first. Maybe could be Arabic if I have someone who help translation.

I had presentation of Symphony in August 28, and it took for a month after it.

For a optimization report about for month, CPU usage reduces 10% to 9%, actually it was 10 to 5 but, i use those extra CPU resources for new animations, or new option.

I optimized disk usage while caching album art also, it reduced 1,700 MB per run, to 50 MB per run.



I have to fix few more bugs, until WWW trip.

And after WWW trip I will develop LuaJIT for .Net.

Plan of next compititions

I just get gold prise which second place of Korean computer compitition.

And I should attend to Korean science and tech compitition for International science and tech compitition.

I think I can pass Korean sci & tech compitition over the 80 persentage.

So I will go to Korea in October 2016 once and I will go to Korea in Feb 2017 to attend Korean sci & tech compitition.

And if I pass it, I will go Korea 2 times to get ready for International compitition.

And finally I will go to USA in 2017 May to compite with all top ranker of science over the world!!!

So I will ride a plane 28 times in maximum for next 8 monthes with just personal money. WoW