[Symphony] Finally fix not clear text rendering

I fix it, finally!


The cause of problem is UseLayoutRounding="True" .

In WPF, if to not set UseLayoutRounding Property in True on TextBlock or something else, than contents will be blury.

Actually SnapToDevicePixels , EnableClearType , TextOptions  are not helpful to fix blury.

And also I add undo in Playlist Item Viewer.

Also I added Image Viewer! It has animations when control it.

[Symphony] Add Uploader And Downloader

I added uploader class and downloader class into program.

And I made lyric server with them.

You don’t know that class structure seem really complicated, because I made it.

photo_2016-07-06_02-42-29 (infinity loop of Upload and Register)

I just left plot upload and download and,

SKIN EDITOR! OTL… I have just 20 days for deadline.


P.S. – My partner finally join into develop. Finally! I wish he works well.

P.S. – And also I think my server-side php code is really week at security. I need some help.

And also some time the code works not well. in move_uploaded_file(); , sometimes return false… even same file is uploaded.