Update New Skin Again

I updated skin again!

Wow… editing HTML is so hard as I thought.

The site still use same background and UX, but it has better looks,

And I add a menu on top.

(Maybe Menu looks like little messy, but it is Ethnic character of Korean…)

I categorized 68 posts one by one with hand…

Isn’t there some way to categorize many posts just few clicks?

코댁스 새스킨 2

Codex New Skin

코댁스 새스킨

Oh my god.

Give me permission to edit CSS of WordPress!!

Why I can’t use color with opacity!

Why I can’t resize side bar!

Why I can’t change font!

Why I can’t change color of document paper!

Why I can’t change alignment of background!

Why I can’t add ICO file to Favicon!

Why Cropping is so slow!

… And More …

How I can make really Theme of WordPress?


Today, someone said to me “Portfolio is really important”.

So I am posting a post about what I did today for C#.

But in this point, a critical problem has appeared

That I forgot about what I did today..! 😮

But this is not saying about I didn’t do anything!

I was working a lot really!


From last post, 6 days past.

I started develop server side of Symphony.

I wanted start dev before a week BUT!

Korea don’t want a student playing with computers.

I just installed XAMPP. It seem really updated then before appli.

(mysql5.0 -> MariaDB)

Arrived at Korea :)


Finally I arrived in Korea, and I get new computer.

Actually this laptop is my brother’s so… I can use this powerful laptop just 7 days …. 🙁

Well, I’ll send my old laptops to A.S.

After fixing I hope those laptops revive again.

Internet is ultra-fast, actually my internet is slow one in korea (100Mbps),

but it is still ultra-faster then Egypt. 25 times faster Wheee,

For local network it is 1Gbps. :))))))))))))))))/