[Works;Symphony, Classwork, and Final] “Yeap, It’s Quite Hard.”

“Yeap, It’s Quite Hard.”

It is the one line summary of my works these days.

I finished Lyric saving, loading, transition, playing, and skinning system.

And I starting Setting Window. And also I debugged my hot-corner app.

In class, there is the two boss challenges.

But I miss one of them in little bit accidents, so I did it in last class.

I hope my grade will be regraded, and I’m ready for the final exam on school.

English is quite hard, and in History, literally, I don’t know, even understand everything.

So, I have really much stuffs to do.

In these days I’m really tired, so I almost paused my personal projects, and wait for school vacation.

I even can’t take rest most of vacation, because of my competition and math studying. But I believe everything can be okay.