[Symphony] Progress report almost end of April

The world the cutest Symphony start to develop Flash! (x D)


Why music player contain the After Effect, Flash, Photoshop, FL?!

-“Because, it will be fun.”(Because I love Adobe.)             – Hee jun Lee

Short Preview

(why it is just 17 sec? because i don’t have time to make animation. I am designer, and a programmer, not Animator)

p.s. 10 day to make animation editor. So powerful WPF

[Symphony] Animator Coding Started

Long time no see, Codex!

I am came back to Codex world just now, it was too busy days to write some posts.

I actually almost finished bass player, and I start coding Animator just now.

It will be really cool (I hope it will be cool) !


I want to try that boss battle, it will be little be late, because coding bat site is not working in my home now.