[NPlayer] Almost done… I think but! Frequency Analyser is left


Limiter was working on not real-time, but I fix it, so Limiter Working real-time now.

And I fix Echo, and re design DSP Chain system.

This project is almost done… if I made frequency analysis.

I am studying about Fast Fourier Transform.

… < f MATH

Yeaaah Almost done!! (but I think I will understand that math when space dried)

And new projects will start!


p.s. second one is not owned project (but designs are still mine) 🙂 I work with my friend.

[NPlayer] Yes I made it, the Limiter


Finally Limiter is working.

So my precious VU meter is not going higher then space, and EQ isn’t glitched.

But I have new problems now.

My playlists and Echo DSP is not working suddenly..!


(I hope you who are looking my blog, you might understand with even Korean 🙂

CPU usage is more decreased in this post!

wow!! 96% -> 59% -> 36% -> 18% -> 8%

(RAM usages? … I have a lot of RAM. So I don’t care… maybe…)

Too lazy to Live


so sleepy

I didn’t finished symphony theme.

I am so sad because I have half day and I have Computer in H block.

I don’t know why every Half day, and I have H block on that day.

So sad 🙁

:::                            ==

:::                ==

:::          ==

:::          ==

:::          ==

:::                ==

:::                            ==

-vvv- My dream schedule -vvv-

A | Physics

B | Chemical

C | Digital Design

D | Art

E | Computer Science

F | Design Technology

G | Robotics

H | Math

I need more science in life.

So un sciencetific life

I think CAC must be HATE SCIENCE!


oh noooooo why is it hate science!

why!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEYEYRQ@!#!@#!#%!@$#^*


Every Club is about PE…

ohf …

So boring (w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)(w)

no. I am busy. yes. I have science homework.


[nPlayer] C# NAudio Based Music Player Library!

It has so much functions


isn’t it Cool?

This library is developed easy to use, even elementry students could use it.

(Actually I could make VB games on Grade 3th)

(So like.. um Grade5,or 6 are could use C#, because my library is so easy!!)

nPlayer np = new nPlayer();

np.Play(“I love Music.mp3”);

just for 2 line to play music.

It so wonderful!

In original NAudio

AudioFileReader reader = new AudioFileReader(“lol.mp3”);

reader~~ make EQ ~~

eq ~~ make  wave stream ~~

waveStream ~~ finally start play ~~

yeap! so nice!

And this library is on developing.

After finish it I will upload to github!

24 Hours Coding Chellange

In summary, It fail.

Because I had to eat dinner when I was coding for 22 hours 30 minutes.

I made nPlayer the music player library  based on NAudio C#.

It has EQ, file tagging system, basic music controls.

I am sure it is better then Windows Media Player.

And I made Fast Furier Transfrom Sound Visuallizer, but I already told, It seem little bit weired.

But Pretty Beautiful too!

And I made FMOD CLR wrapper.

Actually I think, I never use those things. Because C# is  so STRONG AND POWERFUL!