Linux – Installed Linuxes

Yes.. I installed Linuxes..

For example, Ubuntu, Elementry OS, Linux Mint, and more.

I was so funny work. But after install linux, my WLAN is not work.. Oh my Qualcomm!

Qualcomm’s driver support is so weak… Actually, Qualcomm’s driver is not work well on windows, even.

So. I found driver ath10k, but I can’t build it. I don’t know why!

If you have Qualcomm QAxxxx WLAN Card on your computer, and you use Ubuntu 15.10, then you can solve this problem just install firmware of QAxxxx Card. You can find it in google.

In short, I can use internet on Ubuntu but, I am not use Ubuntu now.

You know why? Because of My Laptop sound system…

My Laptops have HDMI sound card and Realtek Sound Card. BUT!

HDMI sound card is default… oh…. I can’t changed it so I just changed OS to Linux Mint….

Linux mint not work network, but work sound…

Ubuntu work network, but not work sound…

So sad now and tired to find deb files.


I have to install every programs on passivity!

Thanks to read my long long blog Thanks.


P.S -> Summary: I am installing Linux!

Snakes – Options and Menu

I made option page on my snakes game today.

We can change window size and game speed.

We can reset our highscore too.

I will add screen transition effect in game.

And My next project will be Tetris xD

And next… umm might be I don’t know idea at now.

What can I do with python…??????

um… I want to make music player on console.

But I need permision to run ffmpeg… I don’t know how to without permission.

If you know plz comment

youtube music player might be funny ^%^

Github project – Snakes

Yeah! It is snakes, right!

I love old ancient console games… Tetris, snakes, .. etc

Threading is so cool for gaming, and so nice screen buffer rendering system.

Actually not nice… I can’t find method for control console cursor in python.

Someone knew it? plz comment!

I will make high-score.. and items.. and lv system..! So many items to do

Dose I have to explain how codes works?

just look it in xD