Semi-Weekly Reflection May 15th 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection May 15th, 2017

I definitely believe I gave it my all throughout the past two weeks. I have been mainly working on OrderFirst, the project I had previously mentioned in the last self-reflection. Unfortunately, two days ago, two of the four existing members of the group decided to quit, since they thought they won’t have enough time and aren’t willing to dedicate themselves. It was pretty annoying since I had already spent a fair amount of time getting it ready. But what can I say… I guess these things happen. I decided that I will now focus on the Semester Exam. I will probably do the game, since I can also benefit from it after the exam. If I make a really good game (which is what I hopefully want to do), then I will also be able to let my little brother use it or something.

Also, my english speaking has drastically increased in class. Instead of getting a Language Bogus every. single. class. I now get them about once a week (which really is an improvement). My old goal of working on the project (OrderFirst), as aforementioned, has failed. Unfortunately.

My goal now is to focus mainly on the Semester Exam. I want to review loops, and all the other stuff I learned this year, because I will most probably be working with Python.

I would like to take a minute to genuinely thank Mr. Miller for this great year in Intro to Computer Science. Coming from a school where we had no computers at all, the amount of information I was able to learn this year was tremendous. I love the way Mr. Miller answers questions and explains problems. Thanks!

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I love coding and my goal is to have a game or app on the AppStore soon.

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  1. On behalf of Mr. Miller, I can say that all the Loremasters have been pleased with your progress, too. Keep exploring, keep coding and you’ll carry on the legacy we’ve tried to leave for you.

    Good luck with the app (I know Mr. Miller would like to use it when it’s done).

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