Semi-Weekly Reflection April 29th 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection April 29th, 2017

Details: I definitely gave it my all throughout the past two weeks. Even though speaking English might be a slight problem with me, I am working on trying to get less and less language boguses, and want everyone to rest assured that even though I occaisonally speak Arabic, I am almost ALWAYS on task, working on the project. Oh wait, I haven’t told you about it yet: What I’ve been working on in the past two weeks is something completely new. I set my other work aside for the time being, and started working on a new project. A classmate of mine, Mohamed Abo Aiad, started a new project called OrderFirst (the name is still not final, we’re probably gonna change it). It is basically an application that it used to pre-order a meal or drink from one of the food vendors at CAC on campus (coffee bean, greco..etc.) if you’re a bit late to school so you can pick up your food and have it ready as soon as you arrive. He knew I had some knowledge in coding for Apps using Swift and so he asked me if I could help him construct, build and design the App. Right now, we have a team of 4 people working on the project. Some details for the App will be featured below.

Proof: Here I will feature some photos of XCOde, of my project. Also I will leave a link for an interesting article I read about startup Apps:

50 Startups Aimed at Changing the World Join Kairos Society

I like to get ideas on what is new and trending in the market these days, in hopes of one day making a ground-breaking App myself ­čÖé



Goal reflection: My prior goals of learning cracking and hacking have been set aside for the time being, in hopes of reaching my new goal before the end of this semester.

Goal: My goal for the coming time is to complete my primary stages of work on the App. Since I am not doing it all alone, I HOPE to get it done this semester, but seeing the upcoming workload, I might not be able to work on it much outside of Computer Science class. Thus, I can only hope to finish soon, but it is not guaranteed.

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I love coding and my goal is to have a game or app on the AppStore soon.

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