Semi-Weekly Reflection – March 23 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection – March 23rd 2017

Details: I gave it my all throughout the past two weeks. Mr. Miller gave me editing privileges to Gnimmargorp so I spent some figuring out how to work with the Divi Builder, and after that I created the page called Hashem’s Guide to Swift and edited the content of my Playground to have it fit and work for anyone to use.

Also, after seeing that WordPress is so easy and cool, I got really interested in making my own website. I downloaded WordPress and I am currently working on making my own website. Even though this is not really related to computer science, I am working on it at home but I thought it would be worth mentioning here.

Apart from that, I wanted to start learning how to do hacking, and maybe even cracking at some point, and I have already started reading some articles on it.

Finally, I am working on the new Swift Guide which I will update on the website as soon as it is done. I am always updating the new Playground as I go in order to not forget the things I learn in Swift.

  • Proof:

(this is the main article I started reading – and still am, that is related to hacking)

Hashem’s Guide to Learning Swift

(this is the page I created on Gnimmargorp – Hashem’s Guide to Swift)

– Also, I thought it was worth mentioning that I got some feedback on my page from two people, which I found very interesting and appreciated a lot. They mainly told me it was very helpful and good, but I also got some productive criticism and tips on things I am changing in my new one.


  • Goal reflection: My prior goal, which was to work on the App is still in progress, however, since its taking a long time, I am working on many other smaller projects in between. As aforementioned, I am building my website AND I also have a new project I am working on. I want to learn how to become a hacker. I find it really cool (but sort of scary) that my friend was able to hack in to my YouTube account in a few second. So, that’s something I want to learn how to do. I visited the website Mr. Miller left for us. I know hacking is not about getting into people’s accounts and ruining things, but it is still something I would want to be able to do. And since we’re in Computer Science class, I thought why not do it now?


  • Goal: My goal for the next two weeks is to work on my two side-projects (the website and hacking) but my ultimate goal is still to work on the App. I read articles every few days on building Apps and stuff. I will include some of the articles in the ‘Proof’ section. Cracking is different from hacking but I wanted to learn both, since they are very interesting.


  • Plans? It’s kind of funny that two of the four samples in the ‘plans?’ sections are things I am doing. I am definitely going to continue what I have been doing so far (see the goal section) AND I am also going to be a hacker soon.. Hahaha. See the goal section for the rest of the information.

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