Semi-Weekly Reflection, March 2 2017

Semi-Weekly Reflection, March 2 – 2017

As previously mentioned in the last Codex Reflection, I completed the basics of Recursion and got back to building the App. However, whenever I came across a cool Recursion problem, I’d check it out (there was a nice one that Mr. Miller showed me in class). Nevertheless, I got back to XCode and read through my self-made Swift Basics Guide (which btw I would be willing to give anyone who might want to start Swift. I combined all the stuff I learned into one ‘Playground’). So, while refreshing my memory with Swift, Mahmoud told me he was interested in learning Swift so I advised him to download XCode and I told him I would give him the Playground I had created. Also, I thought it could be a good idea because he could then help me out with the easy, yet time-consuming elements in creating an App.

Anyway, after refreshing my memory with Swift, I started a basic App with him called my old phone. There is a template for it online which we used because it is a good help for beginners. I taught him about the basics but I won’t be doing that every class because I want to excel myself. I also read two articles that I will link below on tips and tricks to making a functional App that I found very interesting.

Thus, I gave it my all this time as well, and I believe that with more work, a bit of help from Mahmoud (and hopefully less science and math homework) I will be able to get a good App up and running soon. That’s my goal.

Unfortunately I can’t link XCode Playgrounds or Workshops because its an App but I would gladly give my playground to anyone wanting to start Swift. ALso, here are the links for the Articles I thought were pretty cool:

11 tips for developing a mobile app that users will love





At the beginning of year I had no previous experience in Coding. Thus, I never would have thought that I would be able to make an actual App, or at least, get started with one. That’s why I really love how when you are dedicated to doing something, you can see how easy it becomes. I encourage anyone who wants to start programming to definitely go with Swift, like I did.

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I love coding and my goal is to have a game or app on the AppStore soon.

One thought on “Semi-Weekly Reflection, March 2 2017”

  1. Nice work, Hashem. Would it be possible to zip up your Playground and send it as a single file I could load into Ginmmargorp for anyone else who is interested in Swift?

    If you’d be willing to migrate your Swift guide into a page on Gnimmargorp, I’ll give you some editing permissions – that sounds like it would be a really useful resource for the next class.

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