Final Self Reflection

How did you do this year?: Throughout this year, I always gave it my all and constently tried to succeed.

What did you learn this year?: Before I took this class, I knew nothing about computer science. However, after I finished this class, I have a wide knowledge about coding especially when it comes to coding in Python. For instance, I learnt lists, random choices, loops, conditionals and had a glimpse of recursions. Moreover, I had the chance to learn this in a gradual and fun way because of the Machine and Gnimmargorp. This year, I learned that I have an interest in computer science. This interest will make me want to pursue computer science later on and so I may consider majoring in it and having a career as a computer scientist or even a programmer. Also, I learned that I am good at problem solving and thinking critically. Now that I know that I master this useful skill, I will surely make use of it more often in the future. I believe that I am becoming a wiser person; someone who takes time to think about their decisions. For these reasons, I believe that this year allowed me to transition to maturity.

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