Self reflection 23 March

How did you do this week?: I gave it my all and I think I deserve an A+ because I consistently tried my best.

Details: During the past two weeks, I have always been on task without wasting or doing anything off task. Also, I tried the new technique the Lloremaster had told me about which is to try solving the problem step by step even if I get it wrong till I finally get the correct answer. I believe this technique is much better as like the Lloremaster said, when I am finally able to solve the problem, I get the Fierro emotion. I have been working on Logic 2 of python on coding bat. I think that the only obstacles I faced were either syntax errors or sometimes  how to just extract the core of the problem and know what it really wants from me.

Proof: def lucky_sum(a, b, c):
sum = 0
list = [a,b,c,13]
for n in list[:list.index(13)]:
sum += n
return sum

Goal Reflection: My goal was to start working in Logic 2. I fulfilled my goal as I am about half way through logic 2 and I have been completing the medium loop problems Logic 2 offers.

Goal: For the next 2 weeks my goal is to complete Logic 2 and fully understand the loop problems there. If I am able to do so in a shorter time I might even get a jump on List 2 time permitting.

Plans: Since I am almost done with the python part on coding bat. After finishing it, I  might start doing the Java section. Although I may not have enough time do completely master this new language yet I will have a glimpse of it.

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