Self reflection March 2

What’s my grade: I gave it my all and I deserve an A+.

Self assessment: I gave myself that because in the past two weeks, I have worked extremely hard giving it my full effort.

In review: While working in, there was one problem that I did not know how to do it.First, I tried to solve it myself. Then after I could not find an answer and before going to the Loremaster himself, I asked my peer Sarah and she was able to help me.

Imagery: first_last6

def first_last6(nums):
if 6 in [nums[0],nums[-1]]:
return True
return False

Goal Reflection: My goal was to continue working on problems with loops in order to achieve a good understanding of how to do them. I fulfilled my goal as I did warmup 2 which has loops along with many of the problems in string 2.

Goal: My goal for the next two weeks is to finish string 2 in order to practice more problems with loops and to potentially start logic 2.

One thought on “Self reflection March 2”

  1. Curiously, codingbat shows that you worked on that particular problem quite a bit during the end of January and solved it on the 29th. Then you ran it again, once, on February 26th.

    How did you have such trouble solving it the last two weeks, when you’d already solved it over two weeks ago and didn’t work on it over the two weeks just before this reflection?

    Codingbat shows that all of your work on Strings 2 was also in January, or after this reflection.

    Please, be honest in this class. If you need time to work on other homework or just want to take time off class, those are available in the Emporium and I have no trouble with students making the choice to spend their gold that way. Writing fake reflections isn’t going to earn top marks here, though.

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