Self Reflection 16 February

What’s my grade: I gave it my all and I deserve an A+.

Self assessment: I gave myself that because I have been working hard and giving it my full effort.

In review: As I was working in, there was one problem that I was stuck in. First, I tried to solve it myself. Then after I could not find an answer, I asked the Loremaster and he showed me how to do it.

Imagery: double_char

def double_char(str):
new_str = “”
for char in str:
new_str += char*2
return new_str

Goal Reflection: My goal was to continue working in coding bat to build a stronger basis in order to later start approaching problems with loops. I achieved my goal and I even started doing problems with loops such as the one present in the imagery.

Goal: My goal is to continue working on problems with loops in order to achieve a good understanding of how to do them.