Self-reflection, January 24th

What’s my grade: I gave it my all and I deserve an A+.

Self assessment: I gave myself that because I have been working hard and giving it my full effort.

In review: There is one problem in coding bat that I am stuck in. I have been spending a lot of time on it lately yet still I cannot figure it out although I have a good start for the answer. Since I cannot solve it, I will probably have a talk with the Loremaster himself.

Imagery: first_last6

def first_last6(nums):
if 6 in [nums[0],nums[-1]]:
return True

(This is the one I am stuck on)

Goal Reflection: My goal was to work on coding bat to improve my coding skills on python. I have been working on coding bat and advancing I even completed the entire String-1 section. Thus I have accomplished my goal.

Goal: My next goal is to continue working in coding bat to build a stronger basis in order to later start approaching problems with loops.