Rainbow Bike

I never new there was such an option. It was a new adventure discovering things I did not know about. I now can do more things with the machine which makes me happy when I think about it as I worked hard and that is my reward.

semi week reflection

I am enjoying how this class works including the way we learn. Making the class as a game is an extremely creative and amazing idea therefore I am giving it all, working hard and trying to succeed even if I get stuck in some quests and so I think I deserve an A.

I am highly progressing and learning simultaneously about new things that could be done with the Machine. I achieved the goal I had for these first weeks and I was able to move in the labyrinth, create two sprites that follow each other to entertain the kids. However, I am now trying to create two sprites that play tag and did not succeed. This is my next goal, to try to finish this quest and progress in as many quests as I can.