2/3 Reflection Post


During the two weeks, I believe I had worked with all my effort on coding and coding practice. During the week, I had worked on the password generator on Python which would be my first ever project on with Python. I had a lot of fun with this project and would like to find more practical projects like these.

For my goal of last week, before taking the password  generator quest,  i had been woking with pygame but I have switched my focus from games to practical tools in coding.

My goal for this week would be to find some python projects I would like to try and finish them.

One thought on “2/3 Reflection Post”

  1. How did you do in finding projects, Alex? One thing you could think about as you go through the school day is what tools might help teachers as they do their work (or students)…lots of ideas if you keep your mind open. Any time someone is doing repetitive actions, there is probably a chance to build a tool. (Even if they never use it; just inspiration.)

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