Final Reflection

During this year, I believe I have put in all my effort for the class.

From working with Scratch, HTML, CSS, and Python, I have tried my best to properly understand and I believe I have a firm grasp on all of these programming languages. In regards to all the coding types, I have most enjoyed html, css and python and wish to continue using them.

Overall, the year has been productive for me learning coding and I wish to continue coding in the future. As a learner, I have learned that I like to learn individually with tests along the way. This makes me prepared and know the concepts to learn to succeed in class. I am happy that I know how to be responsible and learn for myself instead of having a teacher or using full online classes. It gives me confidence that I am able to learn on my own.

Reflection 11/5

From the last reflection, I believe I have given it all my effort in the class. During this week, I have been practicing recursions for the final exams coming up. I have been reviewing concepts of loops, recursions with easy to understand websites such as “X for dummies” etc. This way has been good for understanding when and how to use these functions and techniques. However, I should get more practice in through actual coding and not just reading.

For the next week, I will probably find some recursion and python projects to create and test to see if I have a firm understanding of these concepts.




Reflection 26/4

During this week, I believe I have given it my all.

For the week, I have still been working on my factoring program and also trying new recursions and loops through codingbat and other online resources to find new ways to improve the program.

The program has proved to be much harder as the things I have tried have not been effective in productively running for an answer.

For the next week, I believe I will be working on this program less and getting practice in for the semester exam that is coming soon.

23/3 Reflection

During this week, I believe I deserve a full grade because I have been putting in all my efforts into this class

For this week, I have been primarily working on python and creating programs that can help efficiency and create solutions for things that I find harder.

Lately, I have been making a program to solve polynomial equations into their zeroes. The reason I would like to make this project is because polynomials are the subject in math class and that t would be a recursion and good practice.

For last week’s goal, I think I have achieved it and for the next two weeks,  I would like to have finished this code and have it working properly

2/3 Reflection Post


During the two weeks, I believe I had worked with all my effort on coding and coding practice. During the week, I had worked on the password generator on Python which would be my first ever project on with Python. I had a lot of fun with this project and would like to find more practical projects like these.

For my goal of last week, before taking the password  generator quest,  i had been woking with pygame but I have switched my focus from games to practical tools in coding.

My goal for this week would be to find some python projects I would like to try and finish them.

Reflection 16/2

During this week, I believe I gave it my all to research and find out about python and java and using netbeans to try out code.

After finding netbeans, I imported some code I found on github and tried to find out how they worked. I found out that this isn’t really a great way to learn and I may get more done by creating something I know from scratch instead of taking someone else’s and dissecting it.

For my goal for last reflection, I have finished it by finding a code compiler and runner but for next few weeks, I think I should try using pygame and switching to python to create things with pygame.

Reflection 24/1

From the time of when we came back from Winter Break, I have been practicing and trying to refresh my memory on the proper syntax and writing for Java, javascript, and HTML.

This has come in the form of using codingbat to practice java and, to some extent, python; and using a notebook program to experiment with html and css with the help of w3schools.

For the two weeks, I believe I gave it my all.

For the next 2 weeks, I would like to learn how to implement javascript into a website to create client side options.

To learn this I would use, w3school because they have a javascript option on their website.

Reflection 1/12

During the last two weeks, I believe that I put in the most effort that I could.

During this week, I learned more about advanced PHP and Javascript and have made some progress in javascript which I find to be fun to do.

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 08.59.43

For my goal, I believe I have achieved it and will get more into Javascript in the future

Reflection 10/11

Throughout the two weeks, I have finished  learning the basics of html, CSS, Javascript and have started learning PHP.  Because of this, I believe that I have put in a lot of effort to learn Computer Science

Screen Shot 2016-11-14 at 11.43.21

For the next few weeks, I would like to learn more advanced javascript and soon be able to work on the website.

The Spell Machine

During the quest, The Spell Machine, I registered for Scratch and played around with it a little bit.

I played around, primarily, with the move features and event features. Just learning the basics of how to start the program and have it do basic things helped me to understand how to get scratch working.