May 11 Self Reflection

How did I do the past two weeks? I gave it my all.

Details: In the past two weeks I have tried making my own game on python. First I tried making a game of rock paper scissors in one week but I thought it was a bit challenging so on the second week, I changed to the “Guess My Number” Game. This is all I have so far:


def guessnumber ():
x = 1
while True:
print (“Hello! What is your name?”)
Name = input()
number = random.randint(1, 20)
myGuess = int(input(“Great, “+ Name +”. I chose a number between 1 and 20, so you try to get the number I am thinking of, Good Luck!”))

Goal Reflection: My last goal was to finish the game that I had started so I could be ready for my final exam, however, since I changed my game throughout the two weeks, I was not able to achieve this goal.

Goal: I guess my new goal would be to complete this game before the final exam and try to get help from my peers if needed.

My year:  I learned a lot this year about coding since it was my first time doing it. One thing that surprised me though was how much I enjoyed making games but it was very challenging to do.

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