April 6 Self Reflection

What is my grade: I gave it all.

Details: I gave myself that grade because during the past two weeks I think that I have been working hard and giving it my all without being distracted nor doing off task work. Since my last reflection, I have completed many problems and I finished the “String 2” section. One example is:

Proof: cat_dog

return str.count(“cat”) == str.count(“dog”)

Goal Reflection: My last goal was to complete Logic 1 or 2 and so far I have completed some problems just not all.

Goal: For the next 2 weeks my new goal is to try and complete “Logic 2” or 1  and try to completely understand the loop problems I only have almost 4 problems left in this section. I hope to also begin working on games to practice for the upcoming exam.

Plans: I think that in order to improve my time in Gnimmargorp, I could talk more to the Loremaster and try to figure out different ways to solve a problem.

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