March 2, 2017 Self Reflection

What is my grade: I gave it all.

Self-Assessment: I gave myself that grade because during the past two weeks I think that I have been working hard and trying to complete more and more problems.

In Review: I have completed many problems since my last reflection but one that I recently completed was in the “list-1” section.

Imagery: common_end

def common_end(a, b):
return a[0] == b[0] or a[-1] == b[-1]

Goal Reflection: My last goal was to work through “Logic 1” and also work on problems with loops to achieve a better understanding of them.

Goal: Since I have some problems left in “Logic 1”, my new goal is to continue working on them until I master it.

One thought on “March 2, 2017 Self Reflection”

  1. According to the report panel on Codingbat, you worked on exactly two problems in the last two weeks, both only once, on March 2nd. I don’t understand how that equals “many problems.”

    On the other hand, your performance on the Boss Challenge was pretty good, so I assume you’ve been practicing looping problems. I’m not sure what to make of this contradiction.

    Without evidence of your work, I can’t award high marks for this period, unfortunately.

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