Self Reflection January 24, 2017

What’s My Grade? I gave it my all this past week, and I believe that I deserve an A+.

Self Assesment: The reason why I gave myself that grade is because I’ve been working very hard on coding bat and trying to finish as many problems as I can.

In Review: I have been working on many different types of problems, and the last one I was on, I had some trouble figuring it out, so hopefully by next class, I will be able to complete it.

Imagery: same_first_last

def same_first_last(nums):
return len(nums) > 0 and nums [0] == [-1]

This is the problem that I have not yet completed.

Goal Reflection: My last goal was to aspire to be better at coding without depending on other people to help me and I feel like this semester I have been accomplishing this goal since whenever I get stuck on a problem, I try figuring it out by myself first, before asking for help.

Goal:¬†Finally my new goal is to be able to finish “Logic 1” in coding bat.

One thought on “Self Reflection January 24, 2017”

  1. Sarah, that is a solid, measurable goal. Well done.

    Reading that code, it’s pretty compact – could you explain what it does to me, during next class, and I’ll see if I can ask a question or two that might help you sort it out?

    My favorite way of helping is to ask you questions, by the way. Especially if you want to figure it out yourself, I’ve found this is the best way to help young spellCoders. I think it’s swell that you aspire to solve your problems yourself!

    But remember, don’t spin your wheels too much. If you have a plan for figuring out the problem, that great and keep going; but if you are stuck without an idea of how to learn the way forward, ask for a small bit of help rather than spend a lot of time just stuck, OK?

    Keep moving forward!

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