Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I continued by python lesson in codecademy. The entire unit I have finished yesterday was a big review of what I have done so far in lists and functions. Although I have not learned anything new, it was a very meaningful time giving me an opportunity to revise my skills.

I also successfully finished the gnimmargorp quest that was relatively challenging. The difficult part of the quest was that I had to use a new concept that I haven’t learned, in order to fulfil all the criteria. I had to think about the general structure of what my program should look like, and looked up some python concepts that will be useful to me. Besides the fact that I learned a new concept called “random.choice()”, I learned that sometimes it can be meaningful to look for new important learnings by myself, rather than always following the direction that is already provided.

This week, I will achieve at least 54 percent in my python codecademy, and finish at least one gnimmargorp quest.

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