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The topic the article has addressed was very interesting to me. Drawbacks of using the Internet to access information has been an issue since the beginning of Internet generation. I understand the idea that people started ‘Googling’ answers for any questions, before they even think about answering them by themselves. Instant Internet access skips the process of critical thinking in your mind. In my opinion, learning does not include access to certain information, but also the transformation and application of the information you have found, which requires more self thinking rather than going to search engine right away. I personally have a similar experience : when I had a literary question to answer in my English class, I searched the question on Google because I did not feel like I could answer it on my own. The important point is that I did not spend full ten minutes to think about it on my own. Although literature has always been one of the most difficult learning topic for me to study, it is not very nice to go Google the questions right away for my self-development. I shall consider using Google, only desperately needed, and for little reference only. The process of critical thinking should always be included when you learn something.

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  1. That sounds like a powerful approach for your own self-development, Jae Min. You have a great ability to self-reflect. I think that bodes very well for your future school career, and your life beyond school. Keep moving forward!

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