Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I kept my track on my codecademy lecture. I have achieved 17% of my lesson in total, and now I am able to use the boolean operators in python. I can get a final output of either true or false, depending on different conditions with using ‘not’, ‘and’, ‘or’ terms. This week, I will achieve at least 20% of my lesson in total, and if I gain extra time, I will take a look at some quests on gnimmargorp that are related to the topic I am studying currently.

Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I took a step aside from gnimmargorp, continuing my codecademy lecture instead. I looked at python function for the first time, and it seemed a little complicated to absorb everything fully at once, but I do believe that this it will get better and better over time. This week, I will set my goal to keep working on codecademy, until I finish this basic function unit.

Operating (no doctor)

In python, you should write mathematical operations, in the way exactly as same as the one you use in calculators, in order to gain the correct answer. The boundaries provide the highest dominance over any other operations outside the bracket. The exponential expression come next, and then come multiplication and division. Addition and subtraction come the last. This means, you always have to include brackets in operations you want to be solved primarily, in order to extract the correct answer. If more than one calculation of same type are written adjacently, the one that is written first is solved primarily.

Precedence order

  1. Boundaries (calculations inside brackets)
  2. Exponential expressions
  3. Multiplication and division
  4. Addition and subtraction

*2 or more same type operation : always solve from left to right

Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I have achieved further in codecademy, and also finished one quest in gnimmargorp that was related to use of python. Although the quest is finished, there is certainly a way to reduce the number of repetition from my code. This week, I will make a new code that has less (or none if possible) repetitions, by learning some mechanics, such as loop.

Hunters and Healers Entry

Looking back on my previous journal entries, my ally Front Tumble found a numerous gaps in the entries, which can make me vulnerable under reapers’ attacks. He gave me feedbacks and some places I needed to work on. I have successfully revised my journal entries, which will now make me more safer from the reapers.

Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I dug deeper into codecademy.com, and understood the concept of “strings” in python language. Now I am able to change non-string words into strings, combine strings together, and change the capitalization of strings. This week, I will keep exploring python in codecademy, and finish at least 1 python-related quest in gnimmargorp.com, in order to prove my python skills I have learned so far.