Review on 1st Boss Challenge

For the past couple weeks, I have prepared for and completed the “Boss Challenge”. Once I have finished all the required missions to complete the Boss Challenge, I worked on and completed all other missions left in , in order to gain more confidence about my mastery. The quests were mainly focusing on checking basic concepts of python that I have learned, and my ability to apply them to solve various problems. The majority of the problems were not as difficult as I thought, though some problems, such as recursions, demanded a little more thinking. Now that I feel very comfortable with using what I have learned so far, I believe it is time to move on.

Weekly Plan & Review

Last week, I worked further on my python codecademy. Currently, codecademy does not necessarily teach me a bunch of new commands or concepts, but rather tests me if I can solve problems, applying the knowledge I gained so far. I personally do not feel extremely familiar with it, but I believe that this is a crucial step for checking my mastery before I learn anything further. This week, I will continue working on my python codecademy and achieve at least 57 percent in it.

Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I continued by python lesson in codecademy. The entire unit I have finished yesterday was a big review of what I have done so far in lists and functions. Although I have not learned anything new, it was a very meaningful time giving me an opportunity to revise my skills.

I also successfully finished the gnimmargorp quest that was relatively challenging. The difficult part of the quest was that I had to use a new concept that I haven’t learned, in order to fulfil all the criteria. I had to think about the general structure of what my program should look like, and looked up some python concepts that will be useful to me. Besides the fact that I learned a new concept called “random.choice()”, I learned that sometimes it can be meaningful to look for new important learnings by myself, rather than always following the direction that is already provided.

This week, I will achieve at least 54 percent in my python codecademy, and finish at least one gnimmargorp quest.

Weekly Review & Plan

The gnimmargorp quest I had assigned myself last week was not as simple as I thought. It took another whole class this week, and about an hour of my own free time. The quest is now done. This week, I will go back to my codecademy lesson and achieve at least 49 percent.

Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I continued to work on my python codecademy. Now, codecademy started to become more challenging, by asking me to make an entire program on my own. I believe that this will be a good time to check my mastery on what I have learned so far. This week, I will achieve at least 46 percent on my python codecademy, and finish two quests on gnimmargorp.

Comments on the News Article

The topic the article has addressed was very interesting to me. Drawbacks of using the Internet to access information has been an issue since the beginning of Internet generation. I understand the idea that people started ‘Googling’ answers for any questions, before they even think about answering them by themselves. Instant Internet access skips the process of critical thinking in your mind. In my opinion, learning does not include access to certain information, but also the transformation and application of the information you have found, which requires more self thinking rather than going to search engine right away. I personally have a similar experience : when I had a literary question to answer in my English class, I searched the question on Google because I did not feel like I could answer it on my own. The important point is that I did not spend full ten minutes to think about it on my own. Although literature has always been one of the most difficult learning topic for me to study, it is not very nice to go Google the questions right away for my self-development. I shall consider using Google, only desperately needed, and for little reference only. The process of critical thinking should always be included when you learn something.

Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I have continued my python lesson on codecademy, and completed a quest on gnimmargorp. Now I can do numerous editing in python lists : adding / removing keys in a dictionary, adding lists as keys in a dictionary, and sort them in order. This week, I will continue on my codecademy lesson towards 40 percent minimum, and finish at least two quests on gnimmargorp, trying to fill the spaces  in sets of quests first.

Weekly Review & Plan

The past two weeks were a bit unusual. We only had one and a half class last week, and I spent almost one entire class of the two this week participating and Bebras Challenge, which was quite a nice experience to have. There is only one class left for this week. This class, I will achieve a total of 38 percent of codecademy python, and complete at least one quest in gnimmargorp.

Weekly Review & Plan

Last week, I continued to work on my python lecture in I learned how to define a function in python programming, using the command ‘def’. Now I am also able to import some data that is already stored in a module and use it in my own program. I can either import a small part from the module, or import all data from the entire module. This week, I will achieve a total of 33 percent in my python learning.