Final Reflection – May 29, 2017

This school year, I did really great, but I could have been a little more focused and a little more proactive by asking questions.

In regards to programming this year, I feel like I learned the basics of Python, along with a basic understanding of functions and systems in general. First semester was spent mostly on Scratch, and then I moved slowly to Python. I mostly learned things on my own, by experimenting and looking things up if I got really stuck. I enjoyed the mental challenge that this class brought, and that it was a challenge at your pace. I slowly learned about functions, loops, and eventually recursion.

Now, what did I learn about myself.  I learned that I really like working alone, and I can still get things done by myself. I also learned that in order to learn, I really have to do it myself. By just reading instructions or hearing them, it was really hard for me to comprehend, but when I actually started to work at it and make mistakes, I really began to understand. This was really satisfying, because when I finally got something right in Python, I knew why. I guess that’s another thing I learned. I like to know why. If I was just given the answer with any comprehension or context, I haven’t learned anything, and that piece of knowledge is useless. When you truly understand something, you can keep applying it to other problems.

So yeah. Thanks for the great class. I’ve really enjoyed coming to computer science this year, and I’m thankful for all it has allowed me to do.

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